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 Заголовок сообщения: We want to introduce you our site and forum.
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Dear international guests!

Welcome to the international section of our Russian-based hamster forum.

We are a community of individuals interested in hamsters, and we created this place to discuss everything about these amazing creatures and to promote information exchange among hamster fanciers and breeders worldwide.

We are always happy to meet hamster lovers from other parts of the world, so come on in, take a look around and join the exciting community of Hamster.ru!

Hamster.ru has been around for over four years now. Over this time, we've gathered a lot of information about hamster care, feeding, handling, breeding, genetics and health. Unfortunately, the site currently does not have any language versions other than Russian, so those of you who do not speak Russian will not be able to take full advantage of the information presented on most of the site pages. However, we are trying to break the language barrier here in the International forum section, and you are welcome to join us in our effort.

In case you are interested to see other things on our website, we suggest you visit the pages that have pictures. For instance, you could start with http://www.hamster.ru. It is the main page of our site where you can see the picture of our featured hamster of the month - the winner of our monthly "Hamster of the month" contest.

You might also be interested to see our illustrated instructions. Here's a list of our best instruction pages:

Houses for hamsters:
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... le.php/105
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... cle.php/77
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... cle.php/75 - House for a dwarf hamster
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... cle.php/72 - Paper house I
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... cle.php/73 - Paper house II

Hamster carriers:
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... php/176/c0
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... php/175/c0
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... cle.php/71 - Hamster carrier made of a plastic bottle

Silent hamster wheels:
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... php/182/c0
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... le.php/165
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... le.php/161
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... cle.php/69

Other hand-made things for hamsters:
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... php/177/c0 - Easter egg toy
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... php/173/c0 - Bridge made from a plastic running wheel
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... le.php/168 - Replacement cage clips
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... le.php/162 - Hamster hammock
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... cle.php/74 - Hamster playpen
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... cle.php/70 - Hamster home made from a plastic container

How to give an injection to a hamster
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/article/v ... php/178/c0

If you are interested to learn more about us and our hamsters, you are welcome to visit the following sections:
http://www.hamster.ru/forum/viewforum.php?f=20 Our hamsters
http://www.hamster.ru/forum/viewforum.php?f=37 Our breeders and hamsteries
http://www.hamster.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5647 Our hamsters' homes

And here are pictures taken at our hamster shows:
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/xcgal/thu ... ?album=424 – St. Petersburg, April 29, 2007.
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/xcgal/thu ... ?album=378 - 5th show of small rodents "Zverek na ladoshke", March 24-25, 2007.
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/xcgal/thu ... ?album=374 – Biosphere (St. Petersburg), March 18, 2007.
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/xcgal/thu ... hp?album=8 – St. Petersburg, May 13, 2006.
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/xcgal/thu ... ?album=294 – Krasnodar, December 9-12, 2006.
http://www.hamster.ru/modules/xcgal/thu ... ?album=286 – St. Petersburg, December 3, 2006.
http://www.hamster.ru/forum/album_cat.php?cat_id=5 "Zverek na ladoshke - May 2005"
http://www.hamster.ru/forum/album_cat.php?cat_id=8 "Zverek na ladoshke - November 2005"

We are always glad to see you!

Всегда в моём сердце мои малыши, ушедшие на Радугу...Я вас очень люблю.

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