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SilverGrey - a tool for studying Syrian hamster genetics

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  1. Даша

    Даша New Member

    I wrote a simple console program to help breeders and those who want to study hamster genetics. Currently it supports Russian and English, it will be very easy to add other languages, if there is enough interest.

    SilverGrey has the following options
    1. Identify the phenotype of the hamster (color/pattern/fur type) from the genotype

    2. Predict phenotypes in the litter given genotypes of parents. If genotypes are not compatible (e.g., two Satins), a warning is displayed.

    3. Generates a "task" - a random compatible pair of hamsters. One can try to figure out the phenotypes of the litter and then check the correct answer.

    4. Generates an easy task - same as 3, only not more than 3 pairs of genes are involved.

    SilverGrey currently supports 14 genes present in Syrian hamsters in Russia: l, e, dg, rd, p, cd, a, U, Ba, Ds, Lg, Sg, To, Sa

    You can download it from here:

    It is a Windows console program. Probably you will just need the .exe file, but if it does not start, copy other files from the .zip file into the same directory.

    Comments and suggestions are welcome!


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