Mandarins, camels... what??

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  1. Martin Braak

    Martin Braak New Member

    Look at the picture, do it look like a hybride (the picture of the red eye mandarin)? The argente winter whites is so much cross to normal ones, generations long and there is no problem, no illness anymore (we breed it more then 15 years to winterwhite!). In holland the hybrid lines are normal and at shows they do not difficult about it.
    We do call it hybride as 15 years ago it has been breed with a campbell and the red eye pp gene comes from the campbell. Nevertheless, there are more campbell genes around the p gene (they are combined). Sometimes you can see that the ears are to big, often at the eyes, the eyes are to far in the skedel/head. But this are not problems, but things we do not like. In the pure lines sometimes the eyes are too big; it is not a problem but it is not nice.

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